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Rostec, one of Russia’s major weapons producers has revealed a new military-grade coating capable of copying the colors of the surrounding environment. The company has successfully developed a combat helmet covered in the advanced material, making it invisible to the human eye. The project could also be used to mask troops and tanks entirely, said Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov.

“They are an ideal means of camouflage for personnel and equipment. With the help of this coating, it is possible to make tanks and other military equipment invisible,” he added.

Despite Putin’s military push, Russia remains far behind the U.S. in a number of key areas, including aerial stealth technology, according to Both Russia and China are working to close this gap. NATO has also worked on its own form of invisible uniforms in the form of a Turkish fabric that spreads a soldier’s body heat to avoid thermal and radar detection.

Last month, University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers showed off an ultrathin black silicone sheet that could block infrared light. Canadian company Hyperstealth has claimed that the U.S. military expressed interest in its own Quantum Stealth cloak that reportedly bends light, but the request was ultimately canceled in 2016.