Israeli Drone Detection Platform Unveiled

drone detection platform

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A new man-portable passive drone detection platform, Meduza, has been unveiled by an Israeli company. This groundbreaking technology in our field of Homeland Security (HLS) was developed by ThirdEye Systems Ltd, an innovator in robotic security systems.  

Based on on-the-fly, real-time thermal computer vision algorithms, Meduza can be installed as a stand-alone unit or as a complementary system to long-range detection systems. Unlike radar, it can detect drones low on the horizon, even against a complex background.

The man-portable anti-UAV platform is already integrated with hard-kill systems, so it can shoot down any drone it detects.

“Meduza offers high scanning abilities over vast areas and can detect objects over different types of terrain, including urban areas and more,” says Lior Segal, CEO. “Robust and portable, it is an efficient and cost-effective solution.”

Another technology developed by the company is the aEye, a thermal analytics and classification system that enables fully autonomous missions. This on-the-fly, AI-based, neural-network thermal analytics and classification system has day and night capabilities. Its onboard analytics enable threat detection while the drone is in flight.

aEye can be installed on any 3rd party drone, from DJI M200 to high-duration drone platforms and MIL-STD drones, and is already operational on an advanced long-range VTOL platform, according to the company announcement.

The management software of this system facilitates enhanced situational awareness while reducing operators’ cognitive stress levels.

The system transmits the information directly to the control room. By avoiding the need to send in patrol shift forces, it saves lives.