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By Arie Egozi

The occurrences on the Gaza border in recent weeks raise many questions and especially cause embarrassment.

Equipped with reconnaissance satellites, fighter jets, advanced interception systems and more, Israel is not capable of coping with the terror of flaming kites and $200-worth drones purchased from international websites and equipped with explosives?

Is this logical? Of course not. So what is actually happening? Someone does not understand that the rules of the game have changed, or more accurately, someone has forgotten the ancient rule – when you’re fighting a poisonous snake, cut off its head. Don’t catch it by the tail and don’t try other methods. Cut off its head and the threat is thwarted.

So, drones are used for intercepting the flaming kites that have already destroyed vast field areas, as well as trying to use other ridiculous methods that present Israel as a joke.  

What is the difference between a molotov cocktail thrower and whoever flies a kite connected to the same home-made weapon? No difference.

However, IDF forces should not deal with targeted fire towards the kite fliers’ legs. In Gaza, everything works upon Hamas’ directions. In recent weeks, all the Hamas leaders came to the protests area without fear, as if they were strolling along a resort beach.

It is them to be blamed. They are the ones that dispatch the kite and drone carrying explosive, while sitting at their luxury homes at the Gaza beach.

In such equation, based on primitive methods against a sophisticated army, one should use the “snake method.”

When you see such snake – cut off its head. And Israel does not do it.

The Hamas has been encouraged by Israel’s weak response to the kite and drone terrorism, and this morning a barrage of mortar and rocket fire was launched towards Southern Israel, without casualties this time.

So we’ve got stealth fighter jets and long-range missiles. But they are not designed for such warfare. In this war – kill the snake. The IDF knows exactly what the Hamas leaders have for breakfast. If this lack of understanding continues in the conflict between this primitive albeit dangerous enemy and cutting-edge technology, no one could promise that miracles such as the one that occurred this morning in Southern Israel will persist.

The snake’s appetite grows with eating. Ask any nature-lover.

Arie Egozi, iHLS Editor-in-Chief