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Firefighters and other first responder teams often need real-time information about the construction of the place they are entering in order to save lives. A new software provides first responders with building data regarding property and occupants, providing them instant access to site plans, floor plans, utility shut-off locations, campus maps, fire hydrant locations, persons requiring special assistance, and other critical building information.

The CommandScope pre-incident plan program was recently integrated at two top-rated fire departments in Illinois and Michigan, US, according to The software, developed by RealView, is also shareable with law enforcement, mutual aid and others so responders unfamiliar with an emergency site will have a working knowledge of the building, its occupants and its hazards.

CommandScope is accessed on-site at building security stations via touch screens and/or on first responders’ portable tablets. And because the information is updated remotely, even the latest building updates can be accessed by first responders at the touch of a finger, says the company’s website.

The software is viewable en route or on the scene of an incident. It interfaces with CAD, GIS mapping systems, and with IP/web-based security systems, and it is interoperable between fire, police, mutual aid, etc.

The software creates minimal impact on IT resources and works with its web portal for pre-plan data collection/revenue generation. It can serve an unlimited number of users.

“Fires, hazardous material spills, active shooter situations, and natural disaster rescue are all top-tier situations where first responders need as much information as possible to be effective,” says RealView CEO Stephen Nardi. “We designed CommandScope with the mindset that it provides the advantage first responders need and deserve.”