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By David (Dudi) Yaron

13043241_sIs an electromagnetic attack on the United States a real threat?

The Internet website “THE NATIONAL TERROR ALERT”, presented the opinion of experts at the Florida International University, who claim there is a real threat of an electromagnetic attack (EMP – “electromagnetic pulse” attack) on the United States. “Anyone can come to our country and destroy our entire essential infrastructure without any explosion,” University experts were quoted as saying, “to the point that any electronic or electrical device or component within a radius of many miles from the point of attack will cease to work immediately and for a long term.”

In fact, an electromagnetic bomb is not a real bomb at all. It is a device that generates a massive momentary though powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP)/wave, which destroys electronic and electrical systems by induction overload. Today, you cannot really find a system or area of ​​life which doesn’t contain some electrical/electronic components, hence the wide ranging danger to those who are attacked, or the guarantee of a stronger degree of success to the next attacker.

Chris Petrovic, a profession investigator, studied civilians who experienced the effects of hurricane ‘Andrew,’ which left 50 million people in the U.S. and Canada without electricity. An electromagnetic assault, stated Petrovic, with no generators or portable radios which those affected by Hurricane ‘Andrew’ were able to live with would result in complete chaos. We are talking about the total destruction and disruption of infrastructure affecting our financial institutions, and the destruction of all communication systems even removing our personal vehicles from use and disrupting the food supply chain. The lack of the most basic ingredients in our daily lives, added Petrovic, would cause a disaster and even a wide loss of life.

In 1962, the U.S. government conducted an experiment as part of the ‘PRIME STAR’ program in which it detonated a powerful bomb at 240 miles above the Pacific Ocean. Electronic devices (that were not so common in all aspects of daily life then), stopped working in Hawaii within about 800 Km from the site of the blast, where people were quoted as saying, “it was like losing our minds.”  It seems no use of an EMP bomb has ever been recorded, although reports were made of their use by the United States during the Gulf War. The Website: ‘Washington Perry Beacon’ reported in September last year that American intelligence agencies believe that Israel will attack Iran with electromagnetic bombs and, “return Iran to the Stone Age.”