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A new smartphone-compatible pistol accessory could replace your friendly neighborhood shooting range coach. Rolera LLC has released the MantisX, a device designed to attach to the rail or the magazine of any pistol to track a shooter’s movements and sync the data to his or her mobile phone.

According to, the wireless device, which provides real-time feedback, is designed for live fire on the range, dry fire, airsoft, CO2 and other types of pistols. The product doesn’t require a special target and works at any distance.

The system works like this: first, the MantisX has to be attached to the pistol’s rail or magazine, and the smartphone bluetooth-compatible app must be installed. Then, the phone and the gun system has to be paired.

With each shot the shooter takes, the MantisX attachment tracks the movement of the barrel milliseconds before, during and after the trigger pull. The shooter gets a score from 1 to a 100 (100 is impossible unless pistol is locked in a vice), and also gets direction and improves suggestions. The suggestions can vary from telling the shooters that they were too far left, to telling them that they are holding the gun too tight, thus making the next shot more accurate.

In a recently released video on YouTube, the firm bills the device as “a unique firearm training system that diagnoses shooting issues and coaches you on where you need improvement.”

“While you’re practicing, the MantisX is analyzing the movements of your gun before, during and after each shot,” the commercial states. “It highlights and helps you avoid errors, like pulling, heeling, anticipating recoil, breaking your wrist up or down, or tightening grip while pulling the trigger.”