Israeli Local Authorities to Be Trained for Emergency

Israeli Local Authorities to Be Trained for Emergency


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Local authorities fulfill a major and complex role In the preparedness to an emergency. For the first time, Israeli local authorities’ director generals will receive training in preparing the authority to various emergency situations, following the initiative of the National Emergency Authority (RACHEL), the Home Front Command and the Local Authority Center.

The first cycle of the course recently opened has been aimed at supplying the director generals the with knowledge and tools for preparing and operating the city or local authority during various emergency situations. The week-long course will expose the participants to a wide array of scenarios, and will include presentations on the management and leadership of employees during emergency, making situation evaluations, the drastic shift from routine to emergency management and decision making in harsh conditions, as well as efficient working interfaces with the operative forces in the area.

The course was initiated by the National Center for Israeli Steadfastness, which was established 18 months ago by RACHEL and the Home Front Command in order to become a leading academic professional up to date national entity for training and the provision of knowledge to senior and professional officials in the field of preparedness and emergency management.

According to RACHEL’s announcement, the first course which will be followed by more cycles will include 27 general managers from cities and local authorities in Israel. Other courses will also take place in this field for mayors and emergency officials.