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More and more industries have been discovering the blockchain technology advantages in the field of enhanced security against hackers. Blockchain is a secure database that maintains a constantly expanding list of records. Each record, or block, contains a link to a previous block. This makes them inherently resistant to modification by outside sources. Blockchain technology validates new entries added into an existing data field to support identity verification.

A new development in the smartphone market will be based on blockchain security. Sirin Labs has unveiled its second line of devices named Finney (in homage to Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney), which will be totally designed on an independent, fee-less blockchain specifically conceived to securely hold cryptographic coins and support crypto wallets, applications and shared resources.

According to, the Finney line, which will originally comprise an open source, security-centric smartphone and an all-in-one PC, will utilize the core technology of the company’s previous device, the Solarin, but “re-engineered to the crypto crowd” to meet these users’ special needs.

“We’re paying close attention to the feedback we’ve received for Solarin, and while Solarin is still being sold and serviced, we decided to take the core offering and to wrap it with a new sleek design that’s a fraction of the cost, so it can serve the crypto community and their growing need for enhanced security,” said Moshe Hogeg, CEO and Founder of Sirin Labs.

The new Finney devices will run on a Sirin Labs operating system Shield OS designed to support inherent blockchain applications, including a cryptocurrency wallet, three factors authentication, secure exchange access, encrypted communications, peer-to-peer resource sharing ecosystem, and an AppStore for decentralized applications provided in partnership with Both hardware and software platforms will be released as open source.

Unlike the Solarin which costs US$16,000, the Finney line will start at US$999 for the smartphone and US$799 for the PC. But only SRN token holders will be able to purchase Finney devices and services, the company said. The SRN is the FINNEY network’s default currency.