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Robotic vehicles for security purposes adapted from civilian-use models are not rare. Now, Digital Concepts Engineering is launching the X-2 Unmanned Ground Vehicle fitted with the Marionette control system.

This is a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) detection platform it is also well suited to EOD, Search & Rescue, Perimeter patrol, communications relay, mine detection and clearing, light weapon mount and load moving tasks and is capable of manual or autonomous operation.

The platform is based on the IBEX autonomous robotic system.

X-2 is fitted with Marionette, a modular, low-latency control system which can be scaled to meet a wide variety of customer requirements and has already been integrated into a number of platforms, both wheeled and tracked from 20kg to 4.5 tonnes across military, agricultural, nuclear and civil applications including the Wheelbarrow EOD range of vehicles and the Sellafield First Response Vehicles, according to

“The X-2 is built to tackle extreme terrain whilst carrying or towing heavy loads” explains Ed Gummow, Director of Digital Concepts Engineering. “The chassis is based on our agricultural IBEX robot with an upgraded control system that gives us high-grade communications, video multiplexing, advanced sensor interfaces and more. It’s a military system at an agricultural price.”

The 300 kg vehicle is capable of traversing slopes in excess of 45° and driving through deep mud, according to