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The US Government-funded AMBER project for advanced uniforms has been expanded. The project a collaborative effort between North Carolina State University (NCSU) and Protect the Force (PTF), the subcontractor/commercialization partner is designated for the development of an Advanced Multi-Functional Base Ensemble for Emergency Responders (AMBER).

According to, the AMBER uniform is a next-generation solution that integrates technologies including flame resistance, blood-borne pathogen protection, water repellency, improved comfort, integrated knee pads, and high visibility among other critical features.

First announced as a cooperative agreement, Mission Ready subsequently reported the expansion of the program with additional uniforms requested for further systems-level testing by the NCSU, and field testing that was conducted by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Tailored to meet the needs of three distinct first-responder communities – Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and Law Enforcement – the AMBER uniform recently received certification by Underwriters Lab for National Fire Protection Association standard.

“This was a major milestone as the testing of every single component of the uniform, including thread, zippers, fabrics and final uniforms, were evaluated under the most rigorous NFPA standards,” states Francisco Martinez, Mission Ready’s Chief Technology Officer.

“It is an honor to be chosen by the Department of Homeland Security to commercialize the AMBER uniform and to lend our expertise to the development of next generation, life-saving products… We will soon begin introducing these products into targeted dealer and distributor channels both nationally and internationally,” states Jeff Schwartz, President & CEO of Mission Ready.

With approximately 2.3M DHS and law enforcement personnel in the United States alone (21.4M globally), in addition to 2.3M Emergency Medical/Fire & Rescue responders (27.1M globally), go-to-market planning has been initiated by the Company.  Commercialization efforts will start in November 2017.

The AMBER uniforms have undergone user evaluations performed by first-responders within the United States, and by expert users within key allied governments internationally.