Former Military Cybersecurity Platform to Be Applied in MSB Sector

cybersecurity platform

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Recent cyber attacks have increased awareness security on the net. The cyber security market is one of the fastest growing industries in the past few years, due to the increasing penetration of the internet and growing adoption of cloud computing. The global cyber security market is expected to reach $181.77 billion in 2021, according to a report by Zion Market Research.

A patent for a new cybersecurity platform was filed recently. The Vauban cybersecurity platform by Hill Top Security Inc. (HTSI) and Big Wind Capital Inc. provides an unprecedented level of risk assessment to help prevent and respond to cybersecurity attacks.

According to the agreement between the companies, Big Wind intends to acquire various interests in HTSI and its assets. The patent filing covers the platform’s unique, secure complex event processing system.

Vauban Cybersecurity Platform was developed by HTSI’s in-house team, which is comprised of former U.S. military officers and personnel. It is a Military-grade cybersecurity platform, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It’s unique, according to a joint statement made by the companies, in its world-leading ability to analyze and validate potential system threats – internal and external. The company holds a Top-Secret clearance based on the work it currently carries out for the US government.

HTSI has developed one of the world’s first and only solutions compliant with FIPS-FIAR – a rigorous financial transaction standard required by the Department of Defense.

Corby Marshall, CEO of Hill Top Security, said, “Small businesses have become the number one target for cyber criminals. The sheer volume and sophistication of modern cyber-attacks have reached the stage at which most companies cannot protect themselves without equally advanced defence mechanisms. This patent filing reflects our unique, unprecedented ability to scrutinize and assess potential cyber threats. The very limited resources available to most small businesses means the biggest gap in defences is the ability to detect and assess threats at an early stage. Our Vauban platform addresses that vulnerability with a specialised, multi-layered approach.”

Dev Randhawa, CEO of Big Wind, commented, “Hill Top Security is filling a gap in the cyber defences of small and medium-sized businesses that, until now, has left companies highly vulnerable. With its strong, military background, Hill Top’s team and its technology are of the highest calibre and we are excited at the potential as we move forward with them.”