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A new physical security technology has been taking the management of sensors further. Siemens’ Siveillance Viewpoint for physical security information management (PSIM) is part of its Siveillance security portfolio approach. This approach uses the latest technology to import sensors and integrate data. The software allows security personnel to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents, especially in complex infrastructures with a combination of danger management and select command and control functions in an integrated platform.

According to, Siveillance Viewpoint PSIM simplifies the management of security information. Its logical structure and user interface ensure optimized decision-making and incident management, increasing safety and security for a site’s employees and visitors; assuring operational continuity, and ensuring compliance with organizational security policies.

This PSIM system is also the first solution with fully geo-referenced system intelligence, reducing the time to capture and map building, event, and discipline components from minutes to seconds.

“Security is no longer about merely managing sensors, but providing a holistic understanding of the situation for faster processing and a better quality of data,” says Jim Lantrip, Head of Security Solutions at Siemens’ Building Technologies Division. “Siemens’ Siveillance Viewpoint PSIM system is helping to change the landscape of security, resulting in greater situational awareness.”

The new system has features that make the software easy to manage and operate, such as access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance. Non-Siemens systems can also be added using an Open Interface Services (OIS) module and standard interfaces, which ensure that future generations of hardware and software used can integrate easily. The company’s website also emphasizes the fact that among other factors cybersecurity was also key during the system’s design.

Incident handling through this advanced physical security information management platform improves safety and security and minimizes risks, business interruptions, and associated costs.