Israeli Technology – Mini Robots Support Soldiers in Tactical Missions

photo: Innobots website

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One of the advancing and intriguing fields within the robotics realm today is the unmanned systems that support the combatant at the battlefield, that can even save lives.  A series of advanced robots, the innoBots, offers interesting operational solutions in the field. The InnoMicro is a compact multipurpose ground robot designed for tactical ground warfare and supplies unique solutions for identifying and neutralizing threats detect potential dangers, but is also suitable for law enforcement teams.

The robots are compact and mobile and can easily fit inside a pocket or backpack.

With pinpoint precision and stealth technology, the innoMicro neutralizes threats while keeping your team safe and minimizes collateral damage.

It is a low-cost, user-friendly system designed to hit targets quickly and efficiently and designed with the end-user in mind, requiring no specialized skills.

The innoBots series functions remotely under any conditions. A special camera provides situational awareness and allows the operator to see what is ahead. Their versatile design, according to the company’s website, is ideal for a single operator to quickly gather data – intelligence in the field, surveillance, and reconnaissance in law enforcement, disaster response, and border patrol applications.

The robot was developed by the Israeli company Innobots, that develops and manufactures remotely operated small robots for use by military forces, law enforcement, installation inspection, people detection, and threat neutralization. The company develops also other products in the fields of robotics, drones, vision systems etc.

Additional robots in this series include the innoMedio, a remote-controlled 4-wheel-drive micro attack robot vehicle with a range of 100m and payload of 1000g. Suitable for rough terrain action, it is equipped with a built-in wireless micro-camera that transmits a sharp color picture and clear sound to a hand-held unit.

This model is also versatile and is capable of launching explosives and special purpose ammunitions (with a time setting) and operating as a completely independent weapon.

An additional model, the innoCarrier, is designed to travel in advance of patrols to identify IEDs and to ensure the safety of soldiers and civilian personnel. It is capable of carrying heavy payloads and transport heavy gear, equipment, and even personnel.