Wearable Sensors for Gaming and Training


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In March, CaptoGlove announced a strategic, collaborative relationship with Flexpoint Sensor Systems to deliver innovative, integrated virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) systems to mass markets including B2B, consumers and military. Its new technology, the finger detecting wearable CaptoGlove, a glove with sensors, was modified to train pilots during the stages of development.

The company has exceeded its Kickstarter crowdfunding target 13 days into a 30-day campaign. You put this motion controller on and point at something in a video game or in a virtual reality app. If you squeeze your finger as if you were pulling a trigger, you’ll shoot a gun in the game.

The Florida-based company says it will be versatile enough to allow users to control video games, VR and augmented reality, and mobile and smart devices through simple hand gestures.

The first CaptoGlove prototype was created five years ago as a way to help a father regain coordination and mobility after a stroke. Its precision allowed the glove to next be modified to help train military pilots, the company said. CaptoGlove finally teamed up with a sports glove company, Reusch, to create a wearable wireless controller. It connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to virtually any device. No need for a specially prepared area or additional equipment such as trackers or cameras. CaptoGlove delivers up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge.

To celebrate its funding success, CaptoGlove has announced a stretch goal to add a pressure sensor to the thumb of the glove for expanded functionality. According to venturebeat.com, this sensor will leverage the touch sensitivity of the finger and be able to perceive various levels of pressure. This will enable future customization, as well as more precise measurements of what the finger is doing.

“Our community of backers have been our biggest support and have helped us quickly achieve our funding goal, as well as provided valuable feedback on additional features and capabilities they’d like to see in CaptoGlove,” said Paolo Trotta, CEO of CaptoGlove. “It is because of this response we decided to add a Stretch Goal of a pressure-sensitive pushing sensor to the thumb, which will pave the way for integrating the CaptoHaptic Kit in the future.”