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The Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3) was recently awarded a contract worth tens of millions of dollars to establish a national cyber center in a country in Latin America.

The IC3, led by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), will supply a strategic national level cyber defense center to a Latin American country. This will include risk evaluation, establishment of an advanced monitor and defense center against cyber-attacks, an information-sharing infrastructure, and a cyber-training program.

ELTA Systems’ Ltd., a Group and Subsidiary of IAI (IAI/ELTA) will oversee the project’s implementation; supply a national-grade solution for the identification, investigation and early detection of cyber-attacks; accompany and train cyber personnel; and establish a public information-sharing platform in the cyber domain.

According to IAI’s announcement, Verint Systems Ltd. will deploy its Threat Protection System (TPS) solution, an essential multi-vector detection, automated investigation and response platform focused on advanced cyber-attacks at the national level. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. will supply solutions for Next Generation Threat Prevention, Advanced Access Control and forensic lab tools, fused with real-time actionable intelligence at a national scale, providing protection against cyber-attacks. ClearSky will provide cyber intelligence solutions, strategic planning, and cyber defense methodologies for national cyber protection and collaboration. CyberX will deal with the detection of cyber threats in SCADA and ICS systems.

The IC3 was established in 2016 under the endorsement of the Israeli government to provide holistic, end-to-end, cyber solutions at the national level, working with leading Israeli cyber companies having complementary areas of expertise, to address technological-cyber needs at a national and governmental level. The Consortium includes IAI/ELTA, Check Point, Verint, Bynet, ECI, CyberX, and ClearSky, and most recently, BGProtect, CyberArk, and Safebreach.

“Combining technological cyber solutions from an assortment of leading Israeli companies allows us from both the international and technological level to offer a comprehensive and integrated solution – this is a case when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” said Esti Peshin, General Manager of IAI’s Cyber Division. “The endorsement of the Israeli government is critical to the success of the consortium, and we are confident that the model applied in Latin America will continue to prove itself in the future”.