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The Israeli technology that detects debris and damage on airport runways is being operationally evaluated now by the US Air Force.

The technology is aimed at the fast detection of damage to runways in US air bases out of the USA.

The aim of the evaluation is to find the technology that will enable the U.S Air Force bases to get fast data about damage to the runways during war or terror attacks.

The technology that is currently being evaluated in an unnamed U.S Air Force base is a spinoff of the Israeli X-Sights’ Runwize system.

The RunWize technology developed by X-Sight incorporates the FODetect, automated Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection and BirdWize, ground level bird hazard management.

According to the Israeli company, the RunWize system improves the daily operation of airport runways by increasing safety and efficiency. Its detection capabilities are derived from a unique hybrid optical-radar remote-sensing technology and strategic positioning of its sensors alongside the runway, collocated with the runway edge lights.

The U.S Air Force wants a fast detection of damage to the runway and in addition, very accurate data about the extent of the damage and its exact location, in order to enable fast repair.

X-Sight has a cooperation agreement with Leidos and if the Israeli system is selected, Leidos will take part in the installation of the special version.