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Hard Car Security, a firm from California, recently announced it plans to incorporate a built-in weapon detection system into the walls of client locations all over the U.S.

The asset protection and armored transportation company services clients in California, Nevada, and Arizona, where they transport valuable assets and, most recently, marijuana.

Hard Car CEO Todd Kleperis told that with the legalization of medical marijuana in California and Florida the organization saw an opportunity to fill a void in the evolving marketplace.

The veteran-owned company is comprised of professionally trained agents and drivers who are military veterans. The trained crew has the experience necessary to protect the most sensitive information and materials, and all employees are licensed and insured.

Each armored vehicle has a camera system that records all aspects of each transaction, from pick-up to drop off. Each armored vehicle is tracked through real-time GPS technology, allowing customers to follow the movements of their assets, according to the company’s website.

“The weapons detection market has changed. Traditional, old-school metal detectors are not efficient enough and can lead to numerous errors,” said Kleperis. “The system we’re bringing to the cannabis space will be hidden in walls of our clients locations, completely unnoticed. It will allow our team access to threat detection in advance of a cash pickup or drop off.”

Whether the Hard Car team is transporting cannabis-based plants or products from a grow house, a dispensary or another location, the team is equipped with the technology and hardware necessary to ensure a safe transport and delivery.