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An innovative technology offers a solution to the problem of power supply for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The technology permits the anchorage of a UAV to a ground station by using a cable that provides it with power. The cable also establishes full communications between the control station and the drone for data, telemetry and video transfer, thus permitting to perform long duration flights. The Tethered Station NM& TS150 was released by Embention.

The Tethered Station features a wide variety of advantages compared to conventional UAVs, according to the company’s website, including the increase in operative safety thanks to the reduction of the UAV flight range, controlled by the tether anchorage. This permits the justification to the civil aviation authorities for proving the high safety of this system.

The main advantage of the tethered station is the extended flight time. The UAV is capable of flying permanently thanks to the ultra-light cable connected to a continuous and unlimited power supply.

The UAV reaches 150m height (500 feet). It maintains secure communications through the ultra-thin cable, and is equipped with a backup battery for emergency landings. The UAV has WIFI connection for system monitoring and control, and is compatible with most multirotor systems.

The elimination of standard on-board batteries increases the payload capacity and enables the UAV to carry out a variety of missions: Surveillance with real-time video transmission, Data Link Repeater as a long range communications station, it can be used as a tactical lighting system, serve for risk detection and avoidance of ambushes as Sky-Eye Convoy, as well as fulfill artillery monitoring and correction missions and traffic control.