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A new product in the body-cam market for police officers: VOXX Advanced Solutions Corporation (VASC), a subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation, announced recently the introduction of ACCU.C 4G, a streaming 4G body camera optimized for the Verizon network and designed to provide clear, accurate video and audio footage. The device will be available late Spring 2017.
Designed for the specific needs of law enforcement officers, the development integrates streaming communication into a rugged, portable and reliable design. Recording in full high-definition video with a super-wide viewing angle up to 120-degrees and built-in GPS for real-time location tagged videos, the ACCU.C 4G body camera provides users with the ability to stream and/or record events as they happen. According to the company’s press release, the camera provides users with a real-time assessment of ongoing events as they are happening and can live stream footage to nearby connected devices with text alert notifications.
Tom Malone, the company’s president: “The introduction of this product provides advanced technology to law enforcement and other organizations. It will give them the ability to capture and stream real-time situations as they occur.”
The ACCU.C 4G body camera provides a complete and secure end-to-end solution with a smooth transfer from event capture to file upload always preserving the complete integrity of a secure chain of custody for all audio and video content. A key part of making the ACCU.C 4G body camera a complete end-to-end solution is BlueWitness data management software, providing remote archiving capabilities to store, search and review captured footage. The BlueWitness dashboard gives certified users the ability to observe live situations to appropriately respond in real-time. BlueWitness is CJIS compliant and provides users with customized data retention profiles to control data storage with end to end encryption and digital finger printing to ensure tamper proof evidence.
VOXX leverages the international company’s extensive worldwide distribution network to attract technology partners who benefit from VOXX’s speed to market, logistics, manufacturing and sourcing expertise, and market knowledge.