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6756244_sIsraeli experts are helping American companies to plan some ‘doomsday shelters’ that will allow wealthy American residents the ability to survive the event of a nuclear attack or other disaster. “This business has grown considerably with strong demand in the U.S. for protective shelters and strong demand as well for Israeli knowledge regarding this field,” said a source familiar with the matter yesterday.

The most prominent of the initiatives which have been taken is the ‘Vivos’ underground shelter established in Barstow,California, where citizens will pay fees in order to survive a nuclear or chemical attack on the U.S. The Vivos project covers an area of ​​about 4,000 square meters.

The company responsible for this project has reported that it has received a deposit on half of the 132 ‘protective cells’ which are to be built in the huge underground shelter. Vivos representatives have said that the interest in the project has been tremendous and when they have sold all the cells they will immediately build another shelter.

The revival in building ‘doomsday shelters’ in the U.S. began before the end of 2012 when the world was to be destroyed according to ancient Mayan prophecies. Due to the response of American citizens nationwide similar shelters were designed and are being built currently in Oregon and Kansas. The local contractor announced private shelters for judgment day for the sum of 1.75 million dollars. The difference in the projects is that the project constructed by Vivos in Barstow involves buying a bed in a public shelter for 50 thousand dollars, while the other shelters are exclusive and private.

The exact location of the public facility has not been disclosed and in the past during the Cold War it may have been designed as a protected U.S. Government communication center. Unnamed sources have told reporters of the Los Angeles Times that the site contains some short buildings that are protected by a door weighing 1000kg. According to the developer, he has not yet raised enough money to complete and build the total project.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that some American entrepreneurs seeking to establish other judgment day shelters are interested in the knowledge Israeli companies have accumulated in the defense field against radioactive or chemicals materials. Israeli specialists have extensive knowledge in this field mainly because of the planned need to shield the country’s public facilities from such threats.

There are several companies in Israel with knowledge in the field. The leading company is ‘Beth-el Industries’ established by Emma Berger in Zichron Yaakov. Over the years the company has become an international leader in the development and production of filters for domestic and public shelters. The company also publicizes its services for the design and construction of bomb shelters.  The Beth-el shelters are known to be equipped with everything necessary to protect their occupants from nuclear radiation in the event of a nuclear explosion and to help them survive until the radiation levels are low enough to allow them to exit from the shelter without fear.

It seems that the current demand for Israeli know-how centers around the technology developed for Israel’s Home Front Command to assure the protection of public places such as hospitals.  The technology most in demand involves sealed air systems and air filtration as well as radiation detectors.