Egozi’s Fury – Government that Does Not Foster Defense Export Damages Security

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I will put it in very simple to terms easy to understand also for non-professionals. The Israeli defense industries must keep on exporting in large quantities mainly in order to finance future developments, some of which are designated to defend Israel in times of war.

This is one fact. A second fact is that defense export and international politics go hand in hand. Presidents, prime ministers and senior ministers help their countries’ defense industries sign important export deals.

Third fact. Israel’s leadership almost refrains from doing it. This state of affairs has caused the loss of extensive defense deals.

Our leaders are too busy in internal conflicts so there is apparently no time left for flying to the capital of a state with whom an Israeli defense industry has been negotiating, and help win the contract by political means.

This puts the Israeli defense industries in a complex situation – on the one hand selling some of their developments has been prohibited, in order to keep some “surprises” for a time of war in the hands of the IDF’ and on the other hand they do not receive political support, as others in the world do.

So in Israel – politics have their own rules. One of them is to be busy with internal conflicts instead of giving support to Israeli industries trying to sell their products in the world.


I’ve already written here that the trial of the shooting soldier Elor Azaria has long become a strange ugly political circus show. This trial has everything in a nutshell – politicians, spins, many quarrels in the media. But there is no real trial in it, and there can not be one.

Such trial, which will reportedly come to an end only next month, was supposed to continues for no more than 20 minutes at the office of the division commander, and not at an open military court that has become a “circus tent”.

But in Israel it turned from the outset into a circus show of the worst type, where acrobats play a central role.

This is disgrace to whoever cares about military or civilian law system.


At first, Iran paid no attention to the world, mainly the US, when it got the useless paper called the “Nuclear Agreement”.

Now the joke has even improved. According to publications in the US, Washington secretly granted Iran with an exempt from several clauses in the agreement, in attempt to help Iran fulfill the agreed goals.

The reason is to help Iran fulfill a few goals so that the US could justify fully lifting of sanctions against Iran over the backdrop of its military nuclear program.

Does it sound hallucinatory? not really, when we deal with an agreement made of only lies.

Arie Egozi i-HLS Editor-in-Chief
Arie Egozi
i-HLS Editor-in-Chief