Drone’s Use to Regulate Back to School Traffic

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Drones can supply real time information on routes traffic jams, providing a “bird’s eye view” for surveillance and improving city traffic information and management.

The UAE has been bracing itself for a traffic onslaught with students returning to schools after the summer break. According to emirates247.com, the Sharjah Police has rolled out a new plan to put the brakes on congestion points across the emirate, with the help of drones.

Colonel Abdullah Mubarak bin Amer, Deputy Director General of the Sharjah Police, has stated that 60 patrols have been assigned, while a drone will also facilitate better and rapid response to congested zones.

Col. bin Amer stated that the implementation of this plan will ensure the smooth flow of traffic and facilitate the access of students to their schools and educational institutions, along with allowing office workers to get to work unhindered.

The detailed plan will also allow Sharjah Police for a rapid and effective response to all emergencies relating to the safety and security of the students and ensure the beginning of the academic year is free of accidents.

The emirate’s traffic plan has been divided into five different sectors, with a drone deployed in the industrial zones and areas where bottlenecks are regular.

Sharjah Police has further appealed to residents and commuters to the emirate to follow regular updates provided by the authority on its various social media channels to allow motorists to plan their journey efficiently.

Video shows New York traffic from a drone’s point of view.