Egozi’s Fury – The Government Is Not Functioning

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It always happens after an earthquake somewhere around the world – the Israeli National Emergency Authority starts broadcasting its announcements on the radio, in which a young girl explains to her father what to do in case of an earthquake.

Indeed, a positive step, however it can not disguise the prolonging failure.

A few years ago the government decided to strengthen buildings which do not conform to earthquake durability standards. The implementation process has been going on, but too slowly. Bureaucracy beats again the needs and the common sense.  

In addition, as I had already written here more than once, there is still no coordination among the various emergency organizations in Israel, in case of a disaster such as the one caused by an earthquake.

So. public service announcements – it’s nice to have, but it would not cover the ongoing failure.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently dedicated dozens of hours to briefing journalists. These briefings serve as a means to improve his image in various aspects.

This has been a very sophisticated move led by the prime minister’s media consultants, however it is a pity that he hasn’t dedicated at least part of this time to coping with the terrible terror wave. Not the knife and shooting terror, but the road accidents terror.

Over the backdrop of the alarming statistics the prime minister decided to handle the problem in a comprehensive manner. Nice, isn’t it?

The appointment of a ministerial committee led by the prime minister was announced. However, after no more than a few hours the ministerial committee became a director-general committee. Don’t be mistaken – nothing will come out of this. They’ll chat a bit and that’s all.

They establish committees instead of allocating the funds needed for the massive deployment of transportation police vehicles. The prime minister and the ministers keep on riding their sedans and do not bother about what is going on on the roads.

When they are in a hurry the driver activates the blue light to signal that other vehicles give him priority on the road. The situation does not seem so grave through the sedans’ windows.  


After a two-year examination the UN announced that the Syrian army has been using chemical materials in his war against the rebels.

This was only another proof that the UN has been an unnecessary, ridiculous and impotent organization. It took the UN two years to find out what every journalist covering the war in Syria already knows well.

Clearly, two years of “research” supply work to a lot of clerks, and isn’t that the main purpose of this organization?


Belgium has been the first European country to fully and unconditionally surrender Islamic extremist terrorism. Its airline , Brussels Airlines omitted from its menu the halva snack dessert manufactured at the West Bank.

Israel’s Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin said it was an outrageous decision. “It is an unacceptable step that marks the airline with a “black flag of disgrace.” Such a company has no place in the skies of the State of Israel, and its name should be deleted from the flight board at Ben-Gurion Airport,” he said.

I’m sure that the Belgian airline serves many other food products originating from conflict areas around the globe. But it chose to boycott the Israeli product.

As expected, Belgium surrendered shamefully and without a fight to the Islamic extremists.

Brussels Airlines response reflected the extent of subservience and the attempt to cover it. “A passenger alerted the staff that the snack served for dessert was in dispute. We’re an airline, catering to a large international audience, it’s our responsibility to offer products that please all.”

Come on, just admit that you’ve surrendered without a fight instead of telling us any more stories.

Arie Egozi i-HLS Editor-in-Chief
Arie Egozi
i-HLS Editor-in-Chief