Prepare to Takeoff – 2016’s AUS&R Unmanned Systems and Robotics Convention

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The Unmanned Systems and Robotics AUS&R 2016 international convention has been attracting the attention of world’s leading states and defense industries, including the US, India, Germany, DARPA governmental agency and many others, which had already registered to participate.

60 international media channels will broadcast the innovative autonomous systems demos at the airshow and convention, which will be held on September 19th, 2016 at the Lago event center, Rishon LeZion.

Many potential investors from around the world looking for new purchase opportunities, mainly in the autonomous robotics field, delgations and government organizations are expected to meet defense technology industries and start-up entrepreneurs.

Participating Countries:

South Korea



South Africa













Hong Kong

One of the most interesting delegations this year will be the South Korean delegation, that will include 13 companies, investors and researchers.

This delegation, the largest at the convention, is part the Global Tech Korea governmental program led by the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. So far this program has been implemented with four states (USA, Germany, Belgium and Israel), focusing on the creation of research and development links with Korea and the supply of technology-related information. It is the implementation of a program supported and operated by both states’ government ministries. On the one hand there’s a large scale motive of creating a global bond between countries in favor of a closer realtionship, and a smaller scale motive which is simply finding new ways to develop and better each of the sides’ technologies in the autonomous and cyber fields.

Among the South Korean companies which will present their products and search for partnerships with Israeli develpers is a company developing composite materials for UAV’s while emphasizing their best traits by making them lighter, faster and cheaper. Another intruiging technology that will be part of the delegation will try and make UAV’s run on hydrogen-based fuel, making its operation and handling more affordable.

According to Meital Ben Dov, a senior partner in the iHLS company, the cooperation with Global Tech Korea is part of a new impressive international business partnerships that are in different stages of developmet : “We’ve postioned ourselves as a well-known knowledge source in the field of homeland security. Therefore, it’s natural that an advanced country like South Korea would choose the partnership since it benefits all sides involved”. Ben Dov also added that negotations are being held with additional comapanies and international government representatives.

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