Enhancing Cybersecurity by Joining Forces

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The US Defense Strategies Institute (DSI) has designed a forum in order to promote conversation that seeks to advance network security and cyber capabilities.

Over the backdrop of the increasing need for enhanced monitoring, security, and access technologies to promote advanced cyberspace operations, DSI initiated the 3rd Annual Cyber Security for National Defense Symposium – Dominating Cyberspace through Advanced Network Security and Capabilities. The symposium will focus on the policy and operations necessary to ensure freedom of operation and defense of U.S. Networks. With a keen focus on policy and technology, this event will discuss the methods employed to defend critical networks, as well as the freedom to operate within the cyber domain. The symposium will also discuss current initiatives that promote interagency and interdepartmental coordination on cyber security strategies.

According to Homeland Security Newswire, the forum will assemble the experts in human and technical intelligence analysis from military cyber commanders to key policy-makers across military and civilian offices.

DSI notes that its non-partisan approach allows it to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.