Pan European Cooperation in CyberSecurity

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Eruopean countries prefer a vast cooperation encompassing states and organizations in order to effectively cope with cybersecurity threats.

ECSO is an pan-european industry-led organisation with members from a wide variety of stakeholders such as large European companies, SMEs and Start-ups, users and operators, research centres, universities, clusters and associations as well as European Member State’s local, regional and national administrations, countries part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and H2020 associated countries.

The main objective of ECSO, according to,  is to support all types of initiatives or projects that aim to develop, promote, encourage European cybersecurity, and in particular to develop the cybersecurity market in Europe and the growth of a competitive cybersecurity and ICT industry, with an increased market position. The organization also develops and implements cybersecurity solutions for the critical steps of trusted supply chains, in sectoral applications where Europe is a leader.
ECSO is engaged in taking concrete actions to achieve these objectives using a variety of methods, among them:

Collaboration with the European Commission and national public administrations to promote Research and Innovation (R&I) in cybersecurity.

Fostering market development and investments in demonstration projects and pilots to facilitate bringing innovation to cybersecurity market.

Encouraging competitiveness and growth of the cybersecurity industry in Europe (large companies and SME) as well as end users / operators through innovative cybersecurity technologies, applications, services, solutions.

As result of a preparation workshop which took place in Brussels and aimed to brainstorm on the concept of a Public-Private Partnership, the “Contractual Public-Private Partnership” between the European Commission, Member States and the Cyber Security Industry the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) was formed and officially signed on 13th June in Brussels.