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Are you operating innovative drones? Flying a unique UAV? A developer of a robotic system or any other autonomous vehicle – vessel or underwater systems, ground vehicles or any innovative unmanned system?

Display it in a live demonstration to thousands of people from the leading industries in Israel and abroad. The event will be covered by more than 100 Israeli and international media channels.

The fourth AUS&R event taking place in Rishon Lezion on 19th September 2016 will highlight the integration of unmanned platforms and systems in modern life. From commerce, industry to science, medical, security, aerospace and defense, autonomous and unmanned technologies and applications are expanding human capabilities, beyond the horizons that limited our reach so far.

As in past events, the focus of AUS&R is live demonstration of unmanned systems – in the air, on the ground and on or under water.

Reports and video clips of the systems’ demonstrations will be broadcasted live on the media and the social media channels.

Innovators, developers and operators of robotic, unmanned systems are invited to take part in the demonstration that will span through the day, in a number of areas:

Display Category:

  1. Flight demonstration (morning and noon sessions) – live flight demonstrations of unmanned systems of all sizes, (requires CAA operational permission).
  2. Untethered Robotic Systems (morning and noon sessions) – Large display area for surface and underwater systems.
  3. Air/Land Systems & Robotics (morning and noon sessions) – Live demonstration of tethered systems, including tethered UAVs and aerostats.
  4. Indoor display for robotic systems & applications (open to academy, startup developers and exhibitors, demos will be running throughout the day).

Quickly register for taking part in the live demonstration within the framework of AUS&R, so that we will be able to ensure your participation and supply you with all the approvals required for operating your system.  

Application Deadline:

Aerial Systems – August 15, 2016

Robotic/Tethered – August 28, 2016

Robotic/indoor – September 5, 2016

Interested in participating in the live demonstration? email: [email protected]

Registration to conference and exhibition:

To the conference website: