Fast Draw – Words Like Sand

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

By Arie Egozi

Whoever expected some change in the Israeli government’s helplessness in countering this wave a terrorism was obviously dreaming. Even with Avigdor Liberman as minister of defense, this government is paralyzed, scared and lacking the ability to make a meaningful decision.

The cabinet convened on Saturday evening for an emergency meeting. Dramatic but without any substance. Words are like sand – there’s plenty of them.

It’s easy to make statements about killing the head of Hamas in Gaza in 48 hours, but when in the position where something can actually be done – it all turns out to be just words.

So the cabinet convened. Only a total fool could believe that anything has changed. A recycled decision to build 42 new houses in Kiryat Arba. That’s it.

Terrorism is rampant. Hamas in Gaza is launching rockets into Israel, and don’t let anyone tell you that this is just a wayward organization. A mouse doesn’t even move in Gaza without the Hamas approving it.

Most commentators who appear on television over the weekend were in line with the government’s lack of action.

Israel is investing in new submarines, stealth fighters and tank, but what is it all for when the real war is happening right here in our streets?

Terrorism should be managed with an iron fist. Israel fell back in line with the rest of the world’s helplessness against Islamic terrorism. Israel once had the right to criticize that weak world, unorganized for such a war. Today Israel is a part of it.

We have a strong military and excellent security services, but a weak and indecisive government who can’t make any real decisions.

Any real expert will tell you that terrorists’ houses should be torn down hours after an attack and their families should be exiled to Gaza, that after rockets are launched to the south of Israel, Hamas headquarters should be bombed rather than empty soccer fields in Gaza.

Israel is paralyzed in front of this wave of terror which only grows stronger, and even the most aggressive ministers are swallowed in this collective helplessness leaving Israel exposed.

One thing unites this government and that is that its ministers are showing off, sleeping in television studios parking lots, just waiting for the moment when they’ll be invited to the studio to recite their speech.

Minister of public security, Gilad Erdan, opened a front against Facebook this weekend and claimed it doesn’t prevent online incitement. It’s popular, it’s good for headlines.

It would have been better if minister Erdan would focus on this own office’s affairs and took care of, say, more traffic police officers on the roads. But that doesn’t create headlines.

As expected, not even appointing Avigdor Liberman as minister of defense healed this government from its paralysis. Israel remains exposed to this current wave of terrorism. Never had a country with such strong and talented security forces been so paralyzed due its ministers shaking in fear.