Fast Draw – The UK Realized It Is At War

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By Arie Egozi

The UK leaving the EU has many reasons, but the one mentioned in most responses is the one standing out the most in face of the bleak European reality.

The UK realized that Europe has lost in its war on Islamic Terrorism and decided to salvage what remains after years of its connection to Europe, which failed and still fails to realize the size of the problem it is facing.

There’s almost no doubt that many of the Britons who voted to leave the EU had in mind the vision of waves of refugees washing over European states like France, Germany, and Belgium.

The UK accepted Muslims but realized that continuing to be part of the EU will prevent them from keeping their country safe.

Muslim terrorism has begun tearing apart the EU. The Schengen agreement, which determines that Europe’s border remain open, has no place in today’s reality where refugees – many of them with malicious intents – are flooding the continent’s countries.

There’s almost no doubt that after the first wave of shock wears off, the government changes and the Prime Minister resigns, more severe steps will be taken to stop refugees from flooding Britain.

The US president’s support of the UK remaining part of the EU only goes to show once again that here is a president who can’t or won’t understand what’s happening in the world.

There’s almost no doubt that what happened last Friday will affact other countries in Europe. I’m not talking about economical aspects, but of the significance of having the ability to close a country’s borders so that terrorists can’t enter it undetected.

The British have realized that the concept of the EU may have been okay a few decades ago, but reality has changed. Where there is a world war between radical Islam and the West – severe measures must be taken.

Those who will keep dozing off in Europe will suffer the consequences. Waves if refugees are heading to Europe’s east and west, new terror cells are being established while others grow stronger.

War calls for tough decisions. This time it was the citizens of Britain who made the right call.