Wireless communications companies get more involved in Homeland Security Market

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RADWIN, a provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, today announced that it has teamed up with MOBOTIX in a technology partnership. MOBOTIX Corp. is an provider of high-resolution, network-based surveillance systems. The partnership ensures seamless integration of MOBOTIX IP surveillance devices with RADWIN’s wireless solutions.

There is an ever-growing demand for high-quality, wireless video surveillance to serve a variety of applications such as critical infrastructure protection, safe cities and transportation security. RADWIN’s Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and broadband wireless Mobility solutions meet these demands. Due to its decentralized concept, MOBOTIX cameras are positioned to perform well over wireless networks. The intelligent MOBOTIX cameras incorporate a high-speed computer and internal MicroSD flash memory card to enable all recording and storage to occur locally within the camera.

2233d“RADWIN and MOBOTIX are providing a best-in-class solution that addresses the fixed and mobile video surveillance needs of both public and private corporations,” said Eli Turgeman, Vice President of Product Management, RADWIN. “As a result of this partnership we can ensure full-fledged compatibility between RADWIN solutions and MOBOTIX cameras, thus ensuring fast project deployment times and guaranteeing high-quality video transmission.”

Steve Gorski, General Manager, Americas, MOBOTIX: “By working closely with RADWIN, MOBOTIX can meet the needs of surveillance users and VARs that seek high-quality, cost-effective wireless solutions for their surveillance needs.”