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Invisio, a Swedish headset manufacturer, will be providing high-tech headsets to French security forces for the Euro 2016 football championship this summer. Invisio already provides headsets for British and US military forces.

The in-ear-pieces sense vibrations in the jawbones, turn them into sounds, and cancel out environmental noise so that a wearer can be heard clearly in all conditions, even standing by a running jet engine.

Invision started off supplying headsets for Motorola, but when their largest client suffered big financial losses, it turned in 2008 to focus on products for law enforcement, firefighters, and the military. The move evidently paid off, as Invisio’s shares price soared a staggering 500% last year.

But the market Invisio now competes is small and highly competitive. Nevertheless, Invisio says it has won all public tenders it attempted since 2012. In 2013 came the real turning point, when the US military placed large orders as part of its modernisation process. Sales surge 136% the following year and the company finally turned a profit after a decade of losses.

This isn’t enough. The company now plans to expand to other markets outside Europe and North America to Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

“I am completely certain that we will win orders in new countries this year,” said CEO Lars Hojgard Hansen.

The confidence may be well deserved, as the technology behind the products works incredibly well. The earpieces protect wearers’ hearing by reducing the levels of loud noises to safer levels. A wearer can also amplify the volume by five times to hear far away sounds.

“I believe more and more countries will jump on the bandwagon when they see the benefits” Hojgard Hansen said.