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Arie Egozi

Iran continues to support the Islamic terror facing unprecedented weakness in the history of the US and the countries of Europe.

As companies from the US and Europe continue to arrive in Tehran to sign multi-million deals with Iran, the joke called “measures against Tehran” for breaking the newly signed nuclear continues simultaneously.

Iran, who never intended to follow the deal, is now allowing itself to spit in the faces of the Americans and Europeans. First they were small spits thrown from smiling faces. Today they are bigger, with no smile at all.

The Iranian launch of ballistic missile that can carry nuclear warheads earlier this month is a direct threat to Israel and a clear defiance of the decision of the security council which adopted the historical nuclear agreement with Iran, wrote the US, UK, France, and Germany in a letter sent to the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon. A waste of paper used for the letter.

As you might recall, on the Iranians missiles was written in Hebrew letters “Israel must be erased.”

The letter includes a demand from the security council to discuss a “proper response” to Tehran’s defiance and a plea to Ban to report any activity of Iranian missile which goes against the decision. The letter was also sent to the spanish ambassador as Spain was put as head of coordination of the security council’s debates over decision 2231.

They demand a “proper response”. I will let you guess which response that would be, if at all. And who are they turning to? The UN, which is an organization that long ago went bankrupt and irrelevant facing the going-ons in the world.

Iran pays no mind to the UN, or the US, or the countries of Europe. They know the besides some headlines, nothing will happen. Iran will continue its nuclear and long range missiles program. Iran is strong. The world is weak.

Israel is also bound in chains, now after the nuclear agreement. Even before that Israel acted on a policy of “just you watch”. It wasn’t reliable then just as every current Israeli threat towards Iran is unreliable. Sheltered by this ridiculous agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, Iran is preparing a nuclear arsenal and the ability to launch it in a range of thousands of km.