The Israeli Startup: PSIM System to Help Infrastructures Stay Safe

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Today critical infrastructures have to simultaneously manage complex facilities, limited resources, answer to government agencies, deal with a growing amount of disparate technologies and at the same time provide a high standard of services to their customers, while dealing with instabilities such as terrorism, crime, cyber attacks, unexpected weather events and system failures.

In the event of an emergency, critical facilities must maintain business continuity and quickly resolve the events in order to return to normal operations as soon as possible. The security officer today has to manage numerous security systems from different providers and to generate an accurate situational picture from disparate data sources. This makes security management time consuming and expensive, and the lack of integration and cross referencing makes it difficult to make fast and knowledgeable security decisions.

An Israeli company has come up with a solution to help critical facilities stay safe: OCTOPUS is a new and innovative Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM), which combines a comprehensive security management software with a robust smart phone application, enabling organizations to effectively manage all of their security, safety, cyber, and operational requirements from one place.

The system offers a simple common operational picture, enhancing situational awareness and allows organizations to take the necessary action faster.

The OCTOPUS system is relevant to customers in a wide range of sectors: Government Ministries, Safe City & Smart City, Critical infrastructure, Port and Transportation, Emergency forces & First responders, Law enforcement & Security agencies and more.

The company was founded by Tal Bar Or, CEO at the company with 20 years of experience in strategic concept design & master security planning, and Baruch Tagori, CTO, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of cyber and information security.

The company will present its technology at the CBS Startup Festival on March 17th in Yad Harutzim 11, Tel Aviv.

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