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CBS (Connecting Business & Startup) will host, for the very first time in Israel, the global pioneering community, Global Pioneers, and will offer dozens of startups, from Israel and abroad, a chance to present their ideas in Tel Aviv, on March 17th, 2016. The festival, which is being held for about a decade in 55 different countries, will be held in Israel for the very first time.

Shlomy Quartler

The event is meant to offer direct connections between investors and industry leaders and startup companies and accelerators operating in Israel. Many industry leaders are to attend the festival, both from Israel and abroad, to witness new ideas and help them make their next move on the way to success. Among members of the steering committee and panel of judges is Shlomy Quartler, Dell Israel CEO.

On top of meeting startups and investors, the festival will host panels discussing various subjects, including: Women in entrepreneurship, how to increase the percentage of successful startups, what it takes to build a startup, a competition between startups, “speed-dating” between the companies and potential investors, professional consultations and directions for the next step from people with experience and savvy.

Shalhevet Segal

Shalhevet Segal,  Head of Advisory Business Development at PwC Israel, who is entrusted with the steering committee for the festival, says: “When we sifted through the many startup companies who joined the event, we found that some were working on the same ideas and the different between one and the other is the right timing of exiting. It’s important that entrepreneurs will find the right application first, and only then the end users. PWC, which sees its job as a sort of mission, will be happy to receive applications to help new entrepreneurs with tools for breaking into the market.”

It should be noted that the startup to win the competition will be invited to join the annual event held by Global Pioneers in Vienna, where it will compete with startups from all over the globe. The final winner will win 100,000 euro.

When the competition is over, a loud and flashy party will be held, produced by Cat&Dog productions, well into the night.

This isn’t just another startup event, but a real stage to meet entrepreneurs and investors, from Israel and abroad. The event is open for Early Stage startups. For the full list of criteria and registration:

Registration is free, but requires registration. Click here to register.