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Israel doesn’t initiate, only responds. And even then, much too slow.

Along with the IDF Chief of Staff’s order that soldier should go on leave with their personal weapon, the IDF is investigating why first sergeant Yanai Weissman, who was murdered last week while shopping at Sha’ar Binyamin, went on leave without his personal weapon. Colonel Amos HaCohen, commander of the Nahal Brigade where Weissman served, ordered to open an investigation due to voiced sounding in the past days claiming that Weissman asked to leave with his weapon but was denied.

The tunnels in Gaza were dealt with seriously only after resident of the Gaza envelope recorded digging sounds from under their homes. The tank of ammonia in the bay of Haifa is being (purportedly) dealt with only after Nasrallah threatened that the tank is his organization’s “atom bomb”.

What do all these ministers do after they wake up in the morning and drink their coffee? Other than look for opportunities to release some nonsense to earn them a slot in one of the papers, that is.

No initiatives, only dragging after incidents occur – dragging which is lame and short-lived.


I return to the car accidents which are taking a heavy toll each and every day. The Israeli driver is scared of nothing but the police giving them a report which costs money.

But there are no police officers – not enough. The police is too busy with tasks of everyday security missions, while at the same time there’s not enough budget for the traffic division. All ministers who touch on the subject, especially the minister of public security, talk in authoritative tones about the need for an immediate change, but in reality – nothing, nada. Only talks.

There is no sense of urgency. Ministers are doing everything but mind their offices, and so there aren’t enough traffic policemen, and the thugs on the road keep on rampaging with no fear of anyone stopping them. The killings on the road are a national epidemic which can be controlled, but with such a helpless government with no initiative, nothing is happening.


Members of Knesset, deputy ministers, and ministers who are almost completely useless have learned the systems: Interview in any blog, website, newspaper or TV channel and say things that will create headlines. These things are usually inaccurate, but still cause damage.

This stupid babble must be stopped but that required a functional government and not a weak one like that in Jerusalem.

The damages are huge and there’s no one to put a stop to it. The even worse problem is that most of these babblers, who receive their money from the state, do it almost solely to prove that they exist. If there are no actions, there must be babble.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief