Israel’s First Accelerator For A Smart and Safe City

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The city of Herzliya is now opening registration for batch 3 of HAC Vertical Accelerator for smart and safe cities. The accelerator, an initiative by Herzliya municipality, is looking for startups that will increase personal safety in the urban environment, in collaboration with Israeli police.

The Municipality, headed by Mayor Moshe Fadlon, promotes the accelerator for the sake of innovation and progress, as a contribution to the entrepreneurship community in Israel, in order to benefit the city’s residents, streamline services and communications, and open up all the capabilities and doors available to it.

The goal of the vertical program is recruiting startups that find innovative solutions in areas such as solving and preventing crime, personal and urban safety, intrusion prevention to building, prevention and reduction of car accidents, hazard warnings, management and control of events in public spaces, blocking of parking spaces, cyber safety and security, Smart communities, border security and more. It is noteworthy that this is the first time in Israel that a municipality presents a startups accelerator as an official part of the municipal authority.

The program startups will get the chance to participate in the startup exchange program for a full paid month with the German accelerator Spin Lab (Leipzig, Germany); Access to Municipal and Police Database (subject to regulations); Opportunity to perform POC with the program partners; Working with Key position officials in the municipality and the police; 3 months mentorship program and total five months of open space use.

The Advisory Board of the Program includes leaders of the entrepreneurship industry in Israel. Among the mentors are key members of the Israel Police, Yahoo, Google, SimilarWeb, Wix, IBM, private investors, venture capitals, financial firms, lawyers and more.

At the end of the program the initiatives will be presented to the municipality and the police officials, along with mentors, potential clients, investors and more.

Registration is open via or Facebook: HAC – Herzliya Accelerator center. Registration will end mid-February.

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