I-HLS TV Interview – Nir Tel-Oren, IAI

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In an interview with I-HLS after the Terrain Dominance conference on December 23rd, Nir Tel-Oren, Senior Director for Group R&D, IAI Mag, spoke about the definition of Terrain Dominance.

Tel-Oren explains how terrain dominance allows us to take a certain area and know everything that goes on inside in. “Every hostile activity which can be an appearance of a target, motion of a target, the shape of a target as it appears,” he says. “We will be able to know what they are doing, who they are, and then be able to track them.”

Tel-Oren mentions the difficulties of dealing with adversaries who have modern capabilities and can hide themselves, whether underground or among dense populations, initiating a race between authorities and the targets, each applying innovative methods in order to be one step ahead.

Terrain dominance includes sensors, communications, UAVs, and the concept of operation needed to control a wide area using a small crew that can still have situational awareness in spite of the massive amount of data, using automatic processes and other ways.

“It’s a wide challenge, with multi-disciplinary branches. In IAI we created multiple teams that can work and think in order to develop sensors, payloads, communications, processing, the ground segment,” to be able to create an all-encompassing system.