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Elbit Systems’ wholly-owned subsidiary, CYBERBIT, was awarded a contract to provide the Switzerland-based company, RUAG Defence, with CYBERBIT’s CyberShield – Cyber Security Trainer and Simulator (T&S). The contract is in an amount that is not material to either party, and the T&S will be supplied in the coming months.

The CyberShield Simulator enables users, individually or as a group, to detect, respond and prevent cyber attacks, while experiencing advanced up-to-date attacks under real network protection conditions. The simulator provided to RUAG Defence will also present various network protection scenarios, conduct follow-up debriefing and evaluate the results. The system will enable simultaneous training for multiple users on attacks directed at IT networks as well as industrial control networks (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – SCADA) used in most utilities.

RUAG Defence will use the CyberShield Trainer and Simulator as a basis for further development, before integrating it into the company’s comprehensive Cyber Training capabilities. RUAG Defence’s Cyber Training Services are based on long experience in both the fields of cyber security and training support. Currently, training is offered to military and civilan organisations, and covers a range of needs from technical specialists to senior directors.  

Adi Dar, General Manager of CYBERBIT commented: “I am proud that we were selected to supply our cyber T&S to RUAG Defence. The cyber threat on infrastructures is constantly increasing, bearing much potential impact on national as well as enterprises infrastructures. I am pleased that we can contribute and improve the capabilities of enterprises as well as governments to prepare and face this imminent and exponentially growing threat”.

Florian Schütz, Program Manager Cyber Training at RUAG Defence commented: “The technology that CYBERBIT delivers adds real value to our exisiting Cyber Training. Though it is only one part of the program, the insights and knowledge the colaboration brings, helps us continuely strengthen our cyber security expertise.”