New Algorithm for Luggage screening

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14963136_sSome major airports in the u.s are using the I-Screen system for optimizing the screening of passengers’ bags. SpaceLogic, the Israeli Company that developed the system has revealed partial information about it.

The special “data fusion” software is interfaced with all the sensors and procedures involved in the security process aimed at clearing a passenger and his baggage before entering the plane.

The system user is able to adjust and optimize the screening process for different pieces of baggage.

The special SecureLogic algorithm generates the screening routing directions for each bag.The user can set risk level parameters into the system or retrieve them from controlled sources that are now used for baggage screening

The system reads the security tag attached to each piece of luggage and directs each of them to a specific screening route.

The software provides an overall control solution for a 100 percent checked baggage screening by any combination of screening equipment such as TSA explosive detection  systems ,advanced technology systems, automated high throughput X-ray machines , explosive detection    system , manual search operations or any combination of them.

Exeprts say that the airport that use the software achieve a higher rate of security and expedite the process . The company has identified the u.s as the primary market but would not say in what airport its software is being already used.