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Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero Systems, talked to I-HLS shortly after AUS&R 2015, which took place at September 7th, about he got into the UAV industry, his affinity to this technology, and about the uniqueness of BlueBird’s unmanned systems.

Because BlueBird is a relatively small company with small management, it is also very cost-effective.

BlueBird was the first to integrate fuel cells, allowing longer duration. Although electric power is the most common in UAVs, being easy and quiet, it is also limited, says Nadir. Fuel cells can offer up to four times more energy density. It is, however, more complicated using it.

Nadir also mentions the company’s latest development. In cooperation with Elbit Systems, BlueBird is now working on a cargo UAV. This UAV, capable of carrying up to 150kgs, is designed to land its cargo safely and return to base.

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