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An Air Show broadcasted live on giant screents straight from the unmanned aerial vehicles and from the control systems. The two points of view – both from the control screens and from up in the air – will be displayed to the viewers on a single screen.


But not just an Air Show: The ground demonstration will showcase dozens of companies and their systems, but this time, it’s not only systems but sub-systems, without which such an industry could not exist. Not only that, but the exhibition will also include air balloons, hovering crafts, unmanned planes, zeppelin, ground vehicles, amphibious vessels, Unmanned Sailing Vehicles, surveillance equippment, cameras, communications systems, control stations, police robots and more.

Come and see how Israel has conquered a senior place in the international UAV world in a special and celebratory exhibition marking fourty years of Israeli UAV industry. The Israeli Aerospace Industry is presenting its achievements in the field of UAV development and manufacturing – from the very first UAV to the Super Heron – all presented in an enormous display area.

The high-end exhibition will be the frame for a professional conference with senior members of the security industries and other industries, as well as top experts. The event this year is taking place at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon Letzion on the shores of the lake on September 7th.