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The field of unmanned aviation is becoming even more central around the world. Many countries are using Unmanned aerial vehicles for operational needs, both for military missions and for emergency missions such as putting out fires and managing disaster events, but the civilian field can benefit greatly as well from implementing these unmanned platforms for its various needs. Due to the fact that the field is gaining momentun, it’s only reasonable that StartUp companies are setting their sight on it and trying to gain a piece of the action. HUVRData is a new American company that has recently been established, after it managed to raise $2 million, and already made significant progress with attaining the FAA’s authorization to install the technology it developed on unmanned aerial vehicles.

HUVRData supplies information analysis capabilities for industrial applications, mainly agriculture, so that farmers could operate more efficiently and maximize profits made from different products. Today the company is turning mostly to farms that are based on wind energy, solar energy, oil and gas energy, and hopes to expand its future goals to other areas as well.

The company markets itself as being able to provide valuable information after analysis with using UAVs and cloud technology. Through the technology it developed, it can offer wind-based farm owners a report that estimates damages about the turbines producing electricity to the farm, to detect and analyze cracks in them that could occur from lightening, for example. HUVRData’s analysis capabilities are four times as fast from those existing in the market today and several times safer. Furthermore, UAVs installed with the company’s unique software could run routine inspections more often, compared to routine inspections being conducted only once a year today.


Agriculture farms supply produce to everyone and some countries are even profiting from the farms’ taxes when such produce is being sold in international markets. This being the case, some might say that national agriculture is a matter of national importance and as such, these UAVs could be a target for attack by hackers wanting to harm a country’s produce. Naturally, such technology requires some consideration by information security companies in order to develop means for defense against such attacks.

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