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OEM manufacturers don’t always get publicity from the major defense companies even when everyone uses their products.

Euclid is a company that develops antennas and cameras positioners which has gained great momentum over the past three years, after its products have been used for systems by the largest defense companies in Israel.


The company was founded by Guy Klap, who served in the technological unit of the intelligence corps of the IDF.

The company, established in 2006, as a general engineering solutions supplier, but after a relatively short period of time, the company started developing positioners for various industries.

The company arrived at its niche thanks to the wide knowledge that the company has gained in developing precise driving systems. In this field – technical knowledge combined with experience is the key to success.

“The great advantage of Euclid’s positioners is their high performances in small dimensions, thanks to advanced control technologies and precise transmissions,” says Guy Klap, the company’s CEO. “That way the products reach precisions of a hundredth of a degree.

Euclid has sold hundreds of positioners that  operate worldwide, in extreme environments and for various applications.”

For the past three years Euclid has developed new and innovative positioners which can be adjusted for any client in short amounts of time and with no heavy development costs.

Pedestals Division - introduction 2015

Recently, Euclid was joined by Ophir Saar, who was Vice President for a leading defense company. “I’ve joined to take Euclid a step further and to give the industry systemic solutions which involve positioners. Today’s market, both in Israel and abroad, has very few positioners’ developers that can combine them in solutions as multi-disciplinary systems, and I believe Euclid has great potential to become a significant player in this field.”

Euclid has also recently emphasized the aspect of product design and the influence of the industrial designer Netanel Jan, who works for the company in the past three years, is evident in all its products.

At the approaching I-HLS exhibition for AUS&R, Euclid will present for the first time a family of brand new systems which combine passive RF transmission and target tracking control -the “Rotary Trackers”.

These new systems were developed for a wide variety of frequency bands, in three main configurations:RT-G 2

  • Ground system – compact, efficient and cost-effective.
  • Airborne system – light weight with low power consumption.
  • Vehicle mounted system – for tracking targets on the move.

This Rotary Trackers family allows Euclid to supply attractive “Smart Antenna” systems for the unmanned aerial vehicles industry.

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