The Flaws In The System: Fingerprint Biometric Security

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Maxim Rupp, a information security researcher for the german company Cure53, has managed to penetrate the bimetric security of the Taiwanese company Chiuy Technology. Rupp has discovered a flaw in the fingerprint-based security system which allows any skilled hacker to penetrate it and open doors through the system. After penetrating the system’s firewalls, the hacker could change its data and unlock doors without the need for a special fingerprint that the system recognizes.

According to SecurityWeek, once the cyber attack is successfuly completed, an attacker can change the definitions of security level and the sensor’s sensitivity, making the door open even by an unauthorized person. Furthermore, the door can be disconnected from the internal network and the attacked body. This attack can also be done from a distance using the internet, like any other cyber attack.

Rupp’s findings bring up once again the debate on using biometric means as the sole security system. In any kind or sort of technological means, someone will always find a way to break the security system. Information security experts must stay alert and keep finding more original security solutions which are more difficult to penetrate. At the same time, old generation security must still be incorporated into the systems. That way, even if anyone manages to break through the biometric security, they’d still have to hangle the more “stupid” means of protection, which, ironically enough, are more difficult to penetrate in today’s technological world.

A synergy of both kind of security is important and essential in keeping an appropriate level of security from new generation hackers.

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