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In the beginning, the area of 3D prints were considered a breakthrough and only a precious few made use of it as well as enjoyed its products. However, in no time at all, ever since that field began to take off, it evolved at a staggering rate and from being used in the civilian field for the very first time no too long ago, it has become a central technique – or on its way to become central – in the commercial sector as well as in the military one.


After a series of experiments conducted by the U.S. and British army was published, it now appears that the Israeli Air Force is also examining the 3D option for printing unmanned aerial vehicles at the base in Tel-Nof. 3Dprint reports that Israel is producing 3D printed spare parts, which greatly decreases the costs of manufacturing a single aerial vehicle. The deployment of these Hi-Tec printers acorss the country, in various bases, could save high costs in military manpower. In the future, the IDF could establish a unit of military graphic designers which will develop 3D blueprints of all the various vehicles and the ways in which they are used by the military, send them to all the units relevant, which will, in turn, be able to print the vehicles in the push of a button.

The product doesn’t even have to be a UAV, as this printing ability establishes a wide variety of means which are limited only by the imagination. If the internet available to citizens has blueprints for guns, UAVs for private and other products for the home, the garden and whatnot, it’s almost unimaginable what classified military uses can exist.

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