Flyox, Largest Amphibious UAV, Completes Maiden Flight

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On the 15th of May, 2015 Singular Aircrafts’s Flyox I, currently the largest UAV in the aviation market, completed its test flight in Hofn, Iceland.ausr_e2

After four years of research & development, Singular Aircraft has designed and developed SA-03, dubbed “Flyox I”. This unique UAV is able to take off and land on any surface however, on this occasion and for the purposes of this test, the fight take off was conducted on a paved runway and landing was in a swamp area, that was wet, damp and soft. Both take off and landing were successful and demonstrated again the versatility and capability of the Flyox. The results of these tests will allow Singular Aircraft to implement necessary improvements and start the production phase.

The Flyox I is an amphibious, unmanned aerial platform, designed and developed under rigorous standards of quality and safety, to operate in remote areas. Singular aims to offer its customers a viable alternative to traditional UAV’s and other aircrafts, operating at high performance while being safe, versatile and with low running costs.

The Flyox I comes in four basic configurations: surveillance, firefighting, cargo and agriculture. Based on customer requirements, Singular will configure the platform, incorporating accessories and all necessary modifications to optimize the aircraft for its intended operation.

The Flyox has a payload of 1850kg with a range of 8300km. It has high endurance of over 50 hours in surveillance mode, the capacity to take off and land on any surface and the ability to customize it according to customer requirements. Its low maintenance costs and simplicity can be managed locally anywhere in the world.

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