The new Polish Tactical UAV will be based on Israeli technology

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Thales and WB Electronics have signed an agreement to build a Polish tactical unmanned air vehicle named Gryf (Grifon), based on the former’s experience with the British Army’s Watchkeeper 450, and on the technology used on the UAV.

One of the key operating programmes in the modernization of the Polish armed forces is the delivery of UAV’s . After three years of technical dialogue the Polish Armed Forces Inspectorate took the decision to build a mid-range tactical UAS with the involvement of Polish industry. At the same time, the Polish Ministry of Defence announced that the tactical-class UAS will be obtained under a G-to-G contract with a foreign supplier. The reason for such a decision was the inability to build such a system in Poland.

According to sUAS ,this situation is changed by the terms of the agreement between WB Electronics and Thales signed on 8th July 2015. The agreement covers the construction of the Gryf Polish tactical class UAV based on the experience and the technology used in the Watchkeeper 450 system. The cooperation foresees the construction of the Gryf UAS in Polish factories and in line with MOD requirements.


Watchkeeper is a next generation, mature system, currently used by the British Armed forces, which has proven itself under operating conditions in Afghanistan. The Watchkeeper is based on the Elbit System Hermes-450 UAV

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