Emergency response UAV for healthcare and aid

Emergency response UAV for healthcare and aid

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SkyProwler_Hover_zoomAs unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) become a more familiar presence in the skies, new companies are getting in on the action. Krossblade Aerospace Systems, a startup created in 2014, aims to put a drone that could transform emergency response systems on the market soon.

The drone called SkyProwler features an automatic drop door, allowing the drone to drop cargo and distribute supplies while hovering, a capability that could prove very beneficial for emergency services.

For example, instead of sending an ambulance with emergency medical equipment, a hospital could send a drone instead. Krossblade estimates that an ambulance costs around $1,500, and takes 10 to 15 minutes to arrive, while SkyProwler will cost only $50 and take six to eight minutes on average.

SkyProwler also comes with a camera, called a 3D Stabilized Eye Cam, which provides clear pictures to users. It also utilizes what the company refers to as a “switchblade mechanism.” It takes off using four rotors, similar to a helicopter, and, once in the air, the rotors fold away and the drone can then fly like an aircraft. This means that the drone doesn’t require much space to take off and can travel more quickly.

“Instead of dispatching an ambulance, a drone can be dispatched in certain simple but very urgent emergencies”, said Daniel Lubrich, the CEO of Krossblade Aerospace Systems, but although Lubrich is optimistic about a market for SkyCruiser, he doesn’t think that it will replace emergency response mechanisms already in place today.