Israeli Innovation – Next Generation

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מקום ראשוןThe faculty for mechanical engineering in the Israel Institute of Technology has presented the 18 new projects developed by fourth year students who worked in collaboration with the Israeli industry. First place was won by a team of three students who build a device for the release of pre-destinated cargo from a tiny submarine. The device is meant to relase cargo from an autonomous submarine which developed in the institute and place it in a defined location on the bottom of the sea and can be used for various purposes. The students’ project included stabilizing system for the cargo on the ground’s surface and an ejection booth with doors, floating tanks and more. “The main problem was balancing the submarine after launching the cargo”, explains student Ziv Sella which is one of the three team members. “It took a lot of effort and complicated calculations.”

Dr. Hagai Bamberger, the course instructor, said that “after long deliberations we have decided to present the first prize for the team that developed the device to release cargo from a tiny submarine, because they have managed to cope with complicated technical challenges and demands that kept changing during the project and have eventually developed a product that included original solutions.”

The competition in the Technion is a little glimpse into the world-acclaimed Israeli innovation. The Israeli robotics industry, and most of all the UAV industry, is considered something to behold in many places and is much appraised by world renowned colleagues. The Israeli robotics and UAV industry is being shown throughout the year, but even more so last month, at the AirShow in Paris.