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bluesatTekever Group, unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturer, and ViaSat, a company which provides technology for communication, have signed an agreement at the last Air Show which took place in Paris last month, for a cooperation between the two companies to develop an UAV with satellite communication abilities for civil use. This addition of capability will allow to enlarge the range of flight for the aerial platform by so much that it can distance itself beyond line of sight.

Ricardo Mendes, TEKEVER Group chief operating officer, said after signing the cooperation agreement that this will allow the company to produce more advanced UAVs and to provide with better solutions for a variety of targets, such as surveillance on coastal territory and in areas close to critical infrastructures. ViaSat will install its satellite communication system on the vehicle, which will allow to control aerial movement more effectively. The vehicles to be produced as result of the agreement will be smaller and will be able to perform tasks for longer durations.

AUS&R2015_E_728x90The agreement between the two companies is another step towards better, more advanced and more reliable vehicles which would be able to perform more complicated tasks. Improved abilities in the UAV resulting in the joint efforts of the two companies could make missions for fire fighters and police officers easier to perform, but the private sector can use it for its needs as well, as citizens who like the field can enjoy more fun “toys” and civilian companies can make great use of it, like insurance companies that need to estimate damages after a disaster in hard to reach areas.